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The Wizard of Oz 2011
Beauty and the Beast 2010
Cinderella 2008
Peter Pan 2007
Aladdin 2006


dorothyDavid wrote:
We've attended many of your shows in the past, and all generations of our family have always thoroughly enjoyed them. This year's Wizard of Oz production surpassed them all - another great show and we commend you for producing shows that deliver live theatre which the entire family can enjoy! Bravo!

Zemeen wrote:
Dear Ross and Troupe, I am fortunate enough to work for the greatest company (CGI) and even more fortunate to be able to have attended 3 of your productions : "Robin Hood" (Our First show), "Beauty & The Beast" and recently "The Wizard of Oz". My husband and I bring our 3 yr. old son who has enjoyed each one of your shows immensely. You always incorporate well known Canadian celebrities, with the beautiful Eva Avila and Jake Epstein whom I recall from watching episodes of "Degrassi : The Next Generation. Kudos to you for casting Dan Chameroy as Plumbum von Botox - he is hilarious, not to mention a great actor. Well, thanks for all the laughs from watching your shows, and hope to see what's next. Sincerely, Zemeen

Lucille wrote:
Hi Ross - We saw your show this afternoon with our grandkids, we all had a great time. Urban says you are still the best bad guy he's ever seen. The boys really especially enjoyed the songs and dancing. It was all really well done. A uniquely Toronto theatre moment - there was a small boy sitting behind Urban and I who kept talking - in a language that sounded like it might be Polish or Czech. A kid in our row told him something that sounded like it must mean shut up - but he also spoke another language so we couldn't be sure... And the little kid certainly didn't understand it and happily kept up his running commentary in Polish. It was all fun, Thanks for the holiday cheer!

plumbumWendy wrote:

This is the 2nd year I have seen you plays and they are great. Thanks for the great laughs last night from the Wizard of Oz. Our family of 20 has made this a yearly tradition.

Leah wrote:
I took my 3 1/2 yr old niece to see Wizard of Oz last night. It was her first ever experience of professional, live theatre! She adored the show. She spent most of it sitting on the edge of her seat with her chin resting on the back of the chair in front of her to get as close to the action as possible. She leaned back only to move her hands, dancing along with the Ozzians. When the show finished, she immediately said "I want to see it again!" We told her we couldn't see it again, we had to go home now. She burst into tears "I don't want to go home! I want to see it again!" We told her "We can come back and see it again next year." To which she replied "That's too far away!" She cried for the next 15 minutes repeating "I want to see it again!" over and over until we managed to distract her with the skaters at Nathan Phillips Square. Thanks for planting the seed of what I hope will become a love for live theatre!

Menka wrote:
I just saw The Wizard of Oz yesterday and it was fantastic! The shows just get better and better, year after year!

tinmanJamie wrote:

Hey there!! I came to watch "The Wizard Of Oz" on Sunday, December the 18 with my family and friends. I LOVE LOVE LOVED it! Super funny, super entertaining, super fun to watch. I felt as if I was on stage with you guys! We have seen every single Ross Petty show since the first time you did Aladdin and this was by far the BEST ONE YET!!! What an amazing cast too! Special congrats to Yvan Pedneault, Jessica Holmes, Kyle Blair, and Ross Petty. I was Elphaba for Haloween (green to the extreme!) so I feel for you! Very excited for next year! I'll tell my parents - won't you take me to, next years show!-I mean Funky town! Tootles!!

Kayte wrote:
We are seeing the show today at 2pm (row CC seats 25-31).It is the 5th year with my girls (Olivia - 9 and Amelia - 6. The last 3 have been Christmas Eve performances. This morning I asked if they were excited that Santa was coming (they both believe in that magic still..but then so do I) and they said they were more excited to see Plumbum this afternoon!! Cannot wait for the show...see you soon.
Larry wrote:

We saw The Wizard of Oz last night and had a really enjoyable time. We think this is the most consistently entertaining show since Cinderella. Your annual show has become a true Christmas tradition for us each year. And a very good tradition at that.


Sonia wrote:
Ross Petty, Meghan Hoople and the Ensemble Hey Guys, Just got back from the show, the first show we've seen with our son. We've always gone on our own, and now, he's old enough to see it. Yet another fabulous production! Congratulations! I never understand why not everyone wants to run... not walk to see your productions! I try to tell EVERYONE I know about it! It is a fantastic Toronto Tradition! All the best!

Marjorie wrote:
Just saw the pantomime this evening. Absolutely brilliant! It has become one of our family traditions since moving back to Canada in 2008. My 8 and 6 year olds look forward to it every year. Afterwards, my 8 year old said "They get better every year!". Can't wait for next year's show!

Meghan Hoople

Micki wrote:

Jill wrote:
LOVED, the show, this year and last, my son especially, He absolutely loves being there and seeing the evil Baron, OR last year the evil Sherriff of Nottingham. My son, is Aspersers, very hi-functioning Autistic, and he is in a theatre group at Variety Village, last year they put on "Robin Hood Robin WHO", this year it is Beauty is A BEAST". Young Peoples Players has been kind enough to help out with his costume etc. He is very much involved in the writing of the play, and loves to see the Ross Petty Parody first. The play was great, We always love the attachment to current events, Regards, Jill

Maria wrote:
My husband and I went to your show this evening and had a fantastic time, even from one of the furthest rows! The entire cast, especially Melissa, Scott, Ross, and Jake were all wonderful! Thanks for a great night! Best wishes, Maria

Cheryl wrote:
I had the honor of attending your performance on Sunday evening with four young girls, ages ranging from 5 to 17. Everyone one of them thought it was phenomenal. Truly incredible show! I will tell everyone I know. Keep up the wonderful work! Cheryl

Sarah wrote:
Yesterday, our school attended the Beauty and the Beast production. It was delightful. The music was awesome. It was fun and visually appealing. The characters were well developed and of course there was something for everyone. I have 2 sons who attended, one of whom is diagnosed with autism. I accompanied my youngest son and his service dog, along with his EA to give our boy an opportunity to broaden his perspective. He had never been to a live show. His attention span is not great, yet he was engaged throughout. You gave him a tremendous opportunity to taste of more and expand his reality. Thank you again and blessings to you and all who worked so hard on the show. Sarah B. Davies


Marnie wrote:
Hello to everyone at Ross Petty Productions! We went to this years performance of Cinderella Sat Dec 6th at 7:00pm....it was our 11th year at the show! Thank you all for a fantastic night out! My son (age 5) and my niece (age 11) just loved it yet again! (As did we adults- laughed ourselves silly!)


We voted.. and decided that this was your best year ever! Thank you ... Thank you.... Thank you!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you all again next Christmas! Ross... please don't ever stop- this is such a special Christmas treat for all! Merry Christmas to everyone.


Melissa wrote:

Dear Ross Petty,

I'm a 15 year old girl from Toronto, Ontario. For the past 3 years, my family and I have seen your productions Aladin in 2006, Peter Pan in 2007 and this year's Cinderella. I really enjoyed each and everyone of them and so have my parents. They are great because you take all of my favorite classic stories and put comedy and a twist to them to make it more interesting.


The good thing about them is that there is a balance of kid humour and adult humour (which I am beginning to understand)! And not to mention the great singers. I also like the fact that there are also some returning actors, such as Eddie Glen. He is amazing! Keep up the good work and can't wait till next year's performance.


Mary wrote:

"Two wands up!!" were my 10 yr old daughters first words when the curtain went down Thursday night. Her 17 and 14 yr old sisters may have enjoyed the performance even more then she did! (could it be similarities they saw in the Botox household of sisters to their own..??...!!) They/we laughed all the way home up the 404 (and still are) ~ it was absolutely brilliant!


Bravo everyone ~ costumes, staging, lighting, dialogue, delivery and absolutely last but not least, perfect ponies and who knew Blair could be such a regal coachman : )It was an absolutely delightful evening, thank you so very, very much

Thank You!!

Aideen wrote:

I have been going to Pantomime since I was four years old back in Ireland as my Mum was very involved in the acting circuit there. In the past few years here in Toronto I've started taking my nieces, nephews and cousins and they've always enjoyed the night out. (I do this in lieu of Christmas presents) This years Cinderella was, from an adult perspective, the funniest I've ever enjoyed myself at the same time.


The costumes, scenery and script was all excellent and I must give an extra thanks to the Ugly Sisters who still have me laughing three days later and whenever I see your poster around town. It was a tonic to laugh so much - thank you.

Alison wrote:

Dear Ross Petty, and the cast and crew of Cinderella:

This past Friday I came to see the show and was I ever impressed and delighted. Easily one of the most entertaining, exciting and creative pieces of theatre I have ever seen. My mom and I came to see this production being avid fans of the cast members from Degrassi, knowing it would be fabulous to see them on stage, however we were skeptical on what this show would entail! Would it be a silly kids show like most? We were quite wrong, we found ourselves laughing and having the best time. Were we ever amazed, what a fantastic, talented and cheerful cast!


A very well-deserved standing ovation was displayed by us- we were just beaming with joy and satisfaction! I would like to thank you all so much for providing me with such a fun and pleasant overall experience. After the production, we walked past the stage door entrance and happened to meet Paula Brancati and Jake Epstein. It was so lovely to meet and talk to these wonderful, talented people, who I admire and idolize very much. They were extremely friendly and genuinely nice. You are very lucky to have them part of your cast! Best wishes to you all; good luck on the rest of your performances! I am sure they will provide the audience with as much joy as your first performance provided me with.

Happy Holidays everyone!!

Daniel wrote:

Dear Ross and Brilliant Cast of Cinderella.

Last Friday I attended my first "Ross Petty" annual show at the Elgin, with my wife who is clearly a Cinderella expert as witnessed by her verbatim singing of songs from the Disney classic. Wow..was she surprised as to what transpired on stage! It was nothing like Disney!! Yet, the show we watched was magically brilliant in so many ways. The writing was superb, the actors were boundlessly talented--esp. Bertha and her darling daughters. It was so nice to see such a talented cast of Canadian talent, having so much fun doing what they obviously love to do.


We attended as guests of one of my vendors, and since we don't have children, I was a bit apprehensive if this was going to be the show for us. I now wonder why we didn't see the shows from the past years--what have we missed? Being in the front row added to the energy of the show I'm sure, but the preview performance was something memorable and I'll never think of Cinderella the same way as before I walked into the Elgin on Friday night. Bravo and best wishes on your run through January 4th.



Peter Pan, 2007

Jenine wrote:
Hello to the Cast and Crew!

I just came from the matinee show of Peter Pan and I can't get the smile off my face.

For many years since I caught a TV special of one of your many earlier shows Mr. Petty, I have begged, pleaded, whined, basically every trick in the kid book to convince my Mom to take us kids to see your show.


Well this year, Mom took us, her 24 and 20 year old daughters to see the show for a Christmas present. I've waited a long time to see a Ross Petty live show and Peter Pan was the best!

To the cast and crew you have done an amazing job! I don't think I could get my cheering and applauding loud enough for you to understand what a magical afternoon you gave me. For a couple of hours, a debt ridden university graduate forgot her worries and was kept so entertained I didn't want the show to end.

Mr. Browning and Mr. Petty you two stole the show and made me feel like a kid again, so thanks again Peter Pan and Captain Hook! I wish I could thank everyone individually for their part in the show, but hopefully this letter will convey to you how much fun I had.

Needless to say Peter Pan has become my favorite present of the holidays! I am desperate to get a DVD copy of the show because I wish I could keep the fun and laughter with me all year round. Congratulations on a magnificent show and have a fun filled New Year for I will never forget this show! BRAVO!


Margaret wrote:

To Ross Petty, Kurt Browning and the Cast of Peter Pan:

My husband and I went to see Peter Pan December 28th and thoroughly enjoyed the show - a lot of laughs and fun - a change from all the violent programs of today.

I have been a fan of Kurt Browning since he was a teenager and have taped skating since then. I have every program Kurt has ever done and he has got to be the best skater in the world today - I have seen and taped them all..


To see him on stage in roller blades doing the same moves he does on the ice was amazing. He is perfect for the role and I'm so happy you chose Kurt to play Peter Pan. He is a born entertainer and there is nothing Kurt couldn't do, I'm sure of that.

Thank you for a wonderful evening of entertainment, laughter and joy.

Bravo and a happy new year to you all

Lisa from Stouffville wrote:

To the cast and crew:

Yesterday, while fighting the crowds at the Eaton Centre my daughters and I bought tickets to the evening performance. I must say, almost immediately I was worried. My daughters are 14 and 10, and I was worried it would be too young for them. Was I wrong.


What a great show. We laughed, we sang we clapped...we even danced!! The girls loved it, and so did I. The show was wonderful and I will be telling everyone I know to see it before Jan 6.

Thank You!!
Lisa /Stouffville

Dr. M. Wong wrote: (wrong letter update this with his letter)

My family and I just recently saw a weekend performance of your Peter Pan Musical and I have to say that you had all of us in stitches. Kurt Browning and yourself were truly amazing and once the final curtain came down, the first thing to come out of my daughter's mouth was " That was amazing!!!.


I want to see this show again !!! " She has seen Cats and Phantom of the Opera in the last six months and I think your show captured her heart the most. My wife and I particularly enjoyed the quick humour and the pace of the show as well as the numerous musical pieces. Bravo for a well done show , top to bottom. We are hoping that Aladdin returns soon !!

Best Regards,
Dr. M. Wong
PS We are seeing your Peter Pan Musical AGAIN just a few days before Christmas and we are bring another family with us. Thanks, Again for a great show !!

Diane wrote:

Mr Petty,

I took my 94 year young mother to see Peter Pan amongst what felt like 10,000 children. It was a delight! Thank you and the very talented cast.

Merry Christmas.

K. Smith from Cobourg, Ont.,wrote:


I attended last Friday evening. The real truth is in the reaction of the audience - and if the reaction by last Friday's show was any indication, please keep having fun! Loved it - and you know, I bought the tickets in ... May?


While on Ticketmaster for something else ... (I believe Josh Groban or Il Divo - either who would be extraordinary guests on Gotta Skate....). I had no real expectations - my husband and I went - and laughed. And laughed, oh and a bit of chuckling too!

Thank you all for making such a fun evening of a trip to the city!

K. Smith Cobourg, Ont.

Jeff wrote:

To Ross Petty,

I work at Aviva and attended your show with my family yesterday. Of course the kids really enjoyed it, but I was surprised to find out how much I really enjoyed it. It was very funny and the music was great too. I will be making a point to take my family to future Ross Petty holiday productions. I have also sent an email to a large group of my friends and have recommended that they attend the show with their families over the holidays as well.

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