Cleopatra Williams
December 17, 2014

Oh heeeeyyyy everyone! My name is Cleopatra Williams and I play one half of the evil stepsisters (AKA “The Uglies”) in this year’s Ross Petty Pantomime: Cinderella! How do I explain my experience thus far? Let’s just say it’s the BEST holiday gift EVER!! Firstly, my sidekick/sister/attached-at-the-hip scene partner Bryn McAuley is the BOMB. Although we fight like spoiled brats onstage, behind the scenes we have become the best of buds. We had never met each other before Bryn joined the company, but let me tell you… We clicked INSTANTLY. We had such a blast developing our characters and working on “bits” together. And of course, getting to share pretty much every scene with Ross Petty onstage has been a lesson in How To Perform Panto 101. The man is absolutely brilliant. He knows exactly what to do to get the audience going, and he’s the master of witty comebacks to audience heckling. I also have the added benefit of working with master comedic duo Dan Chameroy and Eddie Glen. These two create comedic GOLD onstage together. I swear I try to push back the timing of one of my quick changes so that I get to watch them crack up the audience. Finally, my costumes are insanely cute, my wig is hardcore and the entire cast and crew are a dream to work with. I have seriously hit the jack pot with this gig. Thank you so much, Ross Petty, for the experience and the opportunity of a lifetime. Shakiki out!