Robin Hood News
December 13, 2009

Posted By: Jessica Holmes

Hey there!

I’m having the time of my life, despite being petrified (since this is my first stage play and you never know what’s going to happen). When Air Farce ended I promised myself I would take risks and try new things. This is definitely new for me; as evidenced by the 600 times I had to be shown the basic dance moves I do. But every moment has been worth it. The cast and crew are such a ton of fun – we even have a five minute dance party before most shows. So far, the show is a little different every night. Usually because Ross switches his lines, or Dan launches into tirades during his ribbon dance. But also because I tend to mix up my words.

During today’s matinee I accidentally called my fairies “hairy fanmaidens” and gave the wrong spell during my opening scene. But that’s the beauty of being a comedian – I got to let the audience in on my mistake and make a bigger joke out of the situation. Only downfall is, I get the giggles after those moments and struggle to get serious again. (That’s the truth – I’m a nervous laugher: hence I had to give up skiing and horseback riding long ago since I sounded like I was in hysterics whenever I tried either). So wish me luck – hopefully I’ll be able to keep a straight face for tonight’s show.