Cinderella’s Jake Epstein
December 25, 2008

Posted By: Jake Epstein aka Prince George

It’s Christmas Day and the Cinderella cast and crew were all given the day off. I’ve spent the day doing one of my favourite pastimes: eating. And right now, my stomach could not be happier. We’ve been performing Cinderella for about a month and I can honestly say the shows are becoming even more and more fun to do. This whole experience has really made me appreciate live theatre… ‘live’ being the operative word here. Though we were given an initial script, Cinderella was largely created through improv, and general silliness. Therefore, it hasn’t been surprising that many lines are changed from night to night and the general silliness just continues to grow. It’s exhilarating to be up on stage with the feeling that ‘anything’ could happen. With the brilliant comic minds of Dan Chameroy, Adam Brazier, Patty Sullivan, Eddie Glen, Laurie Murdoch, Karen Leblanc, and of course, Mr. Ross Petty, I am constantly floored at the creativity and hilarity that ensues. I truly wonder what would happen if Degrassi were done live on a stage… I don’t think I want to go there.

For me, what has kept me on my toes throughout this whole process has been the singing. Now I love singing with my band, and I’m a huge fan of a good ol’ power ballad sung in the shower, but it’s an entirely different thing singing live at the Elgin Theatre to a full house. Even though I’ve performed and sung for lots of people, the fear of singing in public has never fully gone away. Doing Cinderella every night has really given me confidence singing in public, and my voice has gotten stronger and stronger. I’m blessed to have such a supportive cast.

Throughout this experience I’ve eaten one too many chicken fingers (the older you get, the more you crave ’em), learned how to play the banjo (Laurie Murdoch, my dressing room guru, has more hidden talents than anyone I know), been attacked by a couple of sisters onstage (Dan Chameroy has tried to pick my nose!), and gotten to know an ensemble of some of the most lovely and talented people I’ve ever worked with. Plus, it ain’t too shabby falling in love with Paula Brancati on stage every night. Paula is wonderful onstage and off and it’s been a real highlight working with her. I’m digesting this whole process… just like what my stomach’s doing right now. I’m soaking it all in and enjoying every last moment.

Happy Holidays folks!