Robin Hood News
December 7, 2009

Posted By: Jeff Irving

Hey there!

It’s Robin Hood, coming to you straight from Sherwood Forest. ….actually its Jeff Irving coming to you straight from his lap top.

WE’RE OPEN! This past thursday was the big day. After 4 weeks of rehearsals and a week of previews we now declare the holiday season finally ON! I remember talking to Ross a few months before starting rehearsals about the process of putting up this show. He said it was going to be a lot of tough work and long hours. In my head, at the time, I thought ‘Ya right. Its the panto. Easy peasy.’ ….Yeah he was right. I guess I should trust a guy 24 years in the Panto biz. But even though he was right about the tough work and long hours, its been a heck (its a family blog) of a load of laughs and good times. I consider myself supremely lucky to be in this show with these amazingly talented people.

I share a dressing room with Dan Chameroy and Colin Heath. Those dudes are ridiculously hilarious. Dan plays Plumbum von Botox, and his jokes are always a challenge to deal with. It takes a lot of effort to keep a straight face on stage around that guy for sure. Sometimes I think he does it on purpose……. .

Colin plays Pinch and his physical comedy is straight from the old silent films of Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd. Its worth the price of admission alone to watch him beat himself up.

Then there’s Jessica Holmes. I think her and Dan have a secret ‘Who-can-be-funnier-off-the-cuff’ competition every show. She plays the fairy Eyuba, protector of Sherwood. In one scene she ends up going into Nottingham disguised as her Uncle Willy, and everyone on stage has a really tough time keeping it together (Ross especially) and it ‘s hilarious.

And then there’s the amazing singers in the show. Eva Avila and Yvan Pedneault . Maaaaann they’re good. Eva’s song in the second act knock’s me socks off every time, and when Yvan wails in his songs me jaw drops and me head shakes at the voice that comes out of the guy.

And then there’s everyone in the ensemble who are hilarious, amazing singers AND crazy dancers!

AND THEN, there’s Ross. He kills it every night. I’ve never seen someone thrive so much off of people booing their faces off. If you want to get your Boo on, come to our show. He’ll let you boo him til the cows are done whatever they do.

I know this may seem like my internal review of our show but, f’real, these people are truly amazing up on the stage, and man do I feel lucky to be up there with them. Then to look out into the audience and hear the Boos and the Cheers and see the kids waving their glowy swords and wands. Its pretty magical. And I must say, it definitely puts me in a holiday mood. If you’ve seen the show, thanks for the boos and cheers, they really feed us up there on stage, and if you’re on your way to see the show, boo and cheer your face off, then come to stage door after the show to say hi. We love to meet the folks and the kids. Well I best be off. Gotta get ready for the next one.

Happy Holidays. peace Jeff