Holiday Questions with Kyle Blair
December 5, 2011

Favourite Holiday Song: Oh Holy Night – it reminds me of Christmas eve with my family.

Favourite Holiday Movie: White Christmas! I got to play Phil last year at MTC and the music is brilliant.

Favourite Holiday Musical: The Ross Petty panto of course!!!

Favourite Holiday Treat: Gingerbread. Cake, cookie, man, house, I’m not picky…

Favourite Holiday Drink: Cafe Mocha from the Balzac’s in Stratford.

Favourite holiday Tradition: I love putting lights on the house!

Favourite Cold Weather Accessory: long underwear (is that an accessory?!)

Favourite Reindeer: Dancer 🙂

White or Green Christmas: White!!

Frosty or Rudolph: Rudolph.

Partridge or a Pear Tree: Do I have to answer now? Can I think about it for a bit?

Finally, for those unfamiliar with the Panto or looking to make new holiday traditions, what is the number one reason you would tell them to come out and experience the show? I can’t think of a more hilarious outing for a family. Come party with us!!