Robin Hood’s Eva Avila
November 10, 2009

Posted By: Eva Avila

Hello! Bonjour! Buenos dias! This is Eva, writing to you directly from the big city of Toronto.

Just wanted to give you guys a little update on my rehearsing for Robin Hood! First of all, I’d like to point out that this is my official acting debut. I mean, I’ve done lots of acting and musical theatre back in Gatineau when I was younger, but this is my first professional production.

I’ve always wanted to pursue professional acting and I feel so very blessed to be a part of this adventure! And you know what? I’m LOVING it! It is sooo much fun, and I totally feel like I’m in my element. In fact, it’s bringing me back lots of wonderful, fun memories from my youth. I forgot how much I enjoyed vibing with an amazing group of talented people, and working very hard as a team to put together an incredible show. I’ve missed that thrill, that drive and that delicious rush of adrenaline running through my veins night after night while performing, knowing you’ve worked so hard towards that magical feeling.

The cast is just fabulous, everyone is super nice and soo talented. You can just feel the team spirit in the room as we rehearse. And I must say, the best part of rehearsing is all the laughter! I think I might live a whole year older thanks to this show. All day long everyone makes each other laugh, I absolutely adore that. For example, Dan Chameroy, who plays Nurse Plumbum, is so terribly hilarious that I am constantly going to have to bite my inner lip during the performances, because he is just too darn funny! It’s impossible not to laugh. But seriously, I think after doing it many times I’ll get used to it, hehe. Every member of the cast has a unique charisma and brings something special to the show. I cannot wait to start playing in front of people. I am so excited for my friends, family, and all of you guys to come and watch it! Until then, I send you all my love and smiles, and I will see you very very soon at the Elgin theatre!!!! Mwah! à bientôt, abrazos!

Xoxoxo Eva