Cinderella’s Paula Brancati
November 18, 2008

Posted By: Paula Brancati aka Cinderella

Hi everybody, Paula Brancati here! We are in the midst of rehearsals right now and I cannot believe that our first performance is less than two weeks away. I am having an amazing time with my fellow cast mates, laughing hysterically at the hilarious scene work, belting out an awesome line-up of songs for the show, and learning challenging dance routines.

Some people may recognize me as Jane from Degrassi: The Next Generation, Cally on YTV’s Dark Oracle, or other appearances in youth series and Disney channel films. Cinderella:The Sillylicious Musical is my first endeavor into professional musical theatre and I could not be more pleased to be a part of a cast of such seasoned and incredibly talented performers. I began singing and playing piano when I was 7 years old and began performing in community musical theatre productions shortly after. I loved the stage right away. There is something so thrilling about being able to perform to a live audience and get an immediate reaction from them.

I think every girl can attest to the fact that at one moment in time, they have longed for a little bit of fairytale magic in their lives, who wouldn’t love to have a Fairy Godmother create a beautiful gown fit for a princess? I had my first fitting last week and I’ll be honest; it was a little surreal to be wearing Cinderella’s infamous ball gown! I had seen the movie time and time again as a little girl, so it was exciting to be dressing up in such a lovely, and iconic, outfit. However, as traditional as Cinderella’s costume may be, the rest of the show will be sure to throw the audience quite a few curve balls and spice up the age-old tale more than a little bit. For everyone coming out to watch the show, get ready for a night of great music and all around hilarity I promise, you will not be disappointed!
October 31st 2008