Ross Petty Takes his Final BOOOO
May 27, 2015

The winter of 2015/16 will be bittersweet. While celebrating the 20th anniversary of my Fractured Family Musicals at Toronto’s Elgin Theatre with a brand new version of PETER PAN, this year will also mark my final appearance as an actor on the Elgin stage.  I’ve experienced such delight and pride in having created an entertainment that has become an Ontario holiday tradition. The shows have introduced thousands of audience members to the magic of live theatre….and that’s just the adults!

With ROBIN HOOD, our first production in 1996, I jumped off a cliff, flying solo as a theatrical producer for the first time with no safety net below. My heart was in my mouth, but I was the luckiest fledgling producer ever in having the gorgeous Elgin Theatre as my sandbox.



I also found strength in being surrounded by a
great cast, led by my wife Karen as the Spirit of the Forest and debonair Dan Chameroy in the title role.


Dan has matured over the past 20 years into the iconic Plumbumplumbum
while Karen has elevated The National Ballet of Canada into an extraordinary world class company.


RossMy trajectory from The Sheriff of Nottingham meanwhile has       remained constant……  I must be Evil….. I must be Evil…….I Must!!!!! And what perverse joy that has brought me…. with audience boos and jeers at my every entrance. I don’t think any performer has experienced such an exquisite form of twisted love.

Deciding to make this my final year on stage as the lovable Captain Hook….. not an easy choice. My whole life has been played out in front of a live audience in so many places throughout the world. The decision to hang up the hook goes back many years to a pact I made with Dame Edna and David Letterman when we were starting out on our show biz careers. After a night of tequila shooters and Monty Python binge watching, Edna, Dave and I swore a sacred vow that once it stopped being fun, we’d throw in the towel….or as in Edna’s and my case….the dress. Now here’s the problem….it’s still fun for me….but an oath is an oath….and I feel beholden to follow through on our pact.


The good news is that I will continue to produce the shows into the foreseeable future at the Elgin. No transgression there with Edna and Dave….our pledge was specific to our performing careers. So even though you won’t have me to shower with verbal abuse anymore, you will still have my shows, populated by Canada’s greatest musical performers, to enjoy for years to come.

Remember… have one last chance in this November/December 2015 season at the Elgin Theatre to express your venomous admiration for me in PETER PAN…… as I take my final Booooooooooo!