Snow White’s Billy Lake
December 22, 2012

Pino here! Just ‘logging’ in to say Happy Holidays to all you Ross Petty panto fans! Things are getting pretty festive here in the Enchanted Forest and this punny puppet is looking forward to sharing this special time with all of you.
I come from a long line of Christmas trees, so this holiday season always takes me back to my ‘roots.’ I just love all the colourful decorations, the excitement in the air, and the chance to spend time with family and ‘fronds.’ This year, I’m thrilled to get to share this holiday with the cast and crew here at the Elgin. Nowhere is the spirit of the ‘holly’-days more alive than in our cozy little cottage.

Many of you have sent me some interesting questions, so I thought I’d take this opportuni-‘tree’ to answer a few of them! Here goes:

Q: What is your favourite holiday movie?
A: I’m a ‘sap’ for the classics… so I’ll have to say Miracle on 34th ‘Tree’

Q: What’s your favourite holiday song?
A: O Christmas Tree, of course… but I’m also partial to ‘Oak’ Come All Ye Faithful

Q: What is your most anticipated holiday tradition?
A: I love having everyone over for a big party! When my fairytale friends and I get together, though, things can get quite rowdy… I just hope my neighbours don’t call the ‘copse.’

Q: Do you have a real tree or an artificial one?
A: Artificial! I’m ‘knot’ a monster!!

Q: Who’s your favourite reindeer?
A: ‘Branch’-er… you don’t hear about him much. He’s the swing.

Q: What is your holiday beverage of choice?
A: Warm apple ‘cedar’… with a splash of ‘maple’ syrup!

Q: What’s your favourite part about being in Snow White this time of year?
A: Honestly, I love hearing all the booing and cheering each day and looking out and seeing tons of smiling faces. The panto is such a fun, family tradition and I feel very lucky to be a part of it! ‘Wooden’ ‘yew?’

Alright, folks, we’ve got our big holiday party this afternoon so I better ‘spruce’ this place up a bit before the guests arrive! Time for me to make like a tree… and get moving!

Yours ‘tree’-ly,