The Wizard of Oz’s Yvan Pedneault and Kelly Fletcher
December 6, 2011

By Charlotte Herrold – Post City Magazine

There’s no place like home – How two Wizard of Oz performers met and made a beautiful family together, Toto and all!

When Yvan Pedneault left his family in Montreal to perform in Toronto, he didn’t expect that he’d find a new one here. Enter Kelly Fletcher and her Bichon Frise Hauli. With the treesome performing on stage together in Ross Petty’s Wizard of Oz this month (Yvan as the Tin Man, Kelly in the ensemble and Hauli as Toto), they’re happier than ever. Here, the couple tells their story: Kelly_and_Yvan

How They Met

Yvan – We met [working on] We Will Rock You. I was the new French guy from Montreal and she was the hot Dance Captain. In a room filled with 50-60 people, I noticed her right away.

Kelly – I remember feeling sorry for him because he didn’t speak much English. Anytime someone in the cast made a joke everyone would laugh except for him.

The First Date

Kelly – It was after a show. We were about 8 months into the run of We Will Rock You. His English had improved a lot and he felt comfortable talking to me. We sat down, had a bite, a couple beers, and chatted for hours. I knew then that I wanted to be more than friends.

Yvan – When Kelly brought up the fact that she would like to take French lessons so that she could communicate with my family I knew she was a keeper.

The Courtship

Kelly- I call him my “easy going” guy; we just clicked so well. There was no drama – just lots of laughs and good memories with friends. We were both in our late 20’s so we knew what we were looking for in our life companion. Another huge factor was the way he treated my dog Hauli. He was just so nurturing and sweet with her. That meant a lot to me.
Yvan- We realized quickly that we were meant for one another. Also Kelly and her family made me feel very at home [in Toronto]. For example I realized that because I was away from my family traveling for shows etc. I hadn’t had a birthday cake for about four years. You can be sure that Kelly got my favorite cake in a heart beat, topped it with candles and surprised me with it at home.

The Proposal

Kelly – We decided to go to NY City to celebrate my 30th birthday. As we both enjoy that city, Yvan thought it would be a great idea to propose a few days before my big 3-0. We definitely have great memories of our first time in New York together.

Yvan – Actually, I wanted to propose a bit later but I was so excited that I couldn’t wait.

The Big Day

Yvan- We got married in January 2011. Exactly four years + one day after we first met. We didn’t plan it that way; we only realized a few months after we set a date.

Kelly – The reception was at Auberge du Pommier. They have the best food ever, plus the servers could speak French which was necessary for Yvan’s family. We have a lot of very talented friends who attended and by the end of the evening everybody was dancing and singing. The staff at Auberge said they were very entertained.

Yvan -The very next day we flew to the St. Lucia for our honeymoon.

Family Life

Kelly – We have a little fury Baby named Hauli. She’s a Bichon Frise. I’ve had her for 9 years. Yvan fit in to our little family quite well!

Yvan – We definitely want to have kids. Family is very important to us.

Kelly – Before that day comes, we’d really like to travel. Whether it be for work or pleasure, we definitely want to see more of the world together

Secret to their success

Yvan- We both love and respect one another. We also have admiration for what the other person does. Kelly has a talent that I admire and vice versa.

Kelly – Our career can be very challenging at times. Sometimes one of us is working and the other isn’t. No matter what, we always support the other person. We realize that in order for us to be happy we have to be happy with what we are doing for a living.