What People Are Saying..
December 26, 2015

From Pat S.

For seventeen years my husband and I took our two grandchildren to your annual pantomime. As they grew older we would ask them if they were sure they still wanted to see the panto. Each year we got an emphatic YES!!
This year we decided that it was time to end the tradition. Largely because our budget was getting a little stretched.

Out of the blue my grandson…now 25 yrs. old … called to say that he and his sister would like to show their appreciation for all the years they’d been taken to the panto by inviting us to be their guests to see Peter Pan in Neverland.
We were so touched and delighted.

Needless to say we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. My husband has always been the first one to ‘boo’ whenever you appear much to my embarrassment and our grandchildren’s delight.

I wanted to let you know what a very special part that the Pantomime has played in our lives and to thank you so much for all the wonderful memories.

Warm regards